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English Bulldogs

The origin of the English Bulldogs are believed to have developed from an ancient breed, which was called the Asiatic Mastiff. This breed was first born in Great Britain. The Asiatic Mastiff was named “bull dog”. Originally the English bulldogs were developed for bull baiting in times of medieval Britain. Thankfully Bull baiting was outlawed in the beginning of the nineteenth century. Present day Bulldogs have the intimidating look, with their large heads and stout bodies. But don’t let that fool you – they are described as one of the calmest, most reliable and gentle of the canine breeds. The English Bull dog is one of the calmest breeds known to man, I believe that is partly due to the constant care they receive as babies. When born the puppies need to be constantly mentored when with their mother, so they get a lot of their motherly care from people.  This breed has the tendency to seek attention, affection and the want to please their master. They are normally good with other canines, felines, kids and adults.

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